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The Nuterview: Social Creative and Lead Generation Lead, Jordan Petrou

At Nutcracker Agency, we don’t just tick boxes and check things off our lists. We analyse, we look at what’s… Read more

Wanted: Design Assistant

Do you have a real eye and passion for creating a mix of animation/static design? Are you an ambitious self… Read more

What’s the best social media strategy for my business?

Every business is different. From your customers to your brand image and even your culture. Which is why every marketing… Read more


Why re-branding is important for business

Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Samsung or Apple? Heinz or Campbell’s soup? Well, for us at Nutcracker, ‘It has to be Heinz’… Read more

We’re looking for a Junior Account Executive

If you’re an ambitious self-starter who wants to join an award-winning marketing team, then we want to hear from you…. Read more

Are you an experienced copywriter?

Nutcracker isn’t just looking for any copywriter. Because Nutcracker is not just any agency. We’re a small team, that delivers a big… Read more

Is reactive marketing part of your strategy?

We’ve got to say it, at the beginning of this month, we thought IKEA were winning at reactive marketing. How?… Read more

Commercial marketing is not a nice to have add-on: it’s a business necessity

By Jenny Knighting There is a lot of similarity around home schooling and how some businesses approach commercial marketing. Take… Read more

Joe Noya: ‘It’s all about inspiration – to know that the dream is possible if you are prepared to put in the effort’

When our CEO & Founder Jenny Knighting appeared on Joe Noya’s Inspiration Nation podcast in December last year, it received… Read more

Nutcracker Agency recognised as Best Marketing & PR Agency 2021

Heading in to our seventh year in business, Nutcracker Agency has recently been recognised as the Best Marketing & PR… Read more

Wanted: Senior Account Executive

If you’ve got three years of experience in marketing at an executive level – and you’re ready to take the… Read more

Social media strategy

Social media management: put strategy at its core

Late last night on the Nutcracker Instagram feed, we were asked this question: Our Instagram reply? A social media strategy…. Read more

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