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Nutcracker Agency Becomes a Sunday Times Best Place to Work 2024

For Nutcracker Agency, being a people-first culture has meant making the right investments both from a financial and a wellbeing perspective; really looking at what behaviours are needed from every individual to create a positive, empowering culture and what support is needed to achieve that.

Accepting that for incredible culture to truly flourish, it takes every single person within an organisation to champion that culture.

I am incredibly proud of how special Nutcracker is, from the care each person takes with their client work; talent, attitudes, work ethic and to the genuine respect shown to everyone on the team.

To see this incredible culture and ethos recognised by The Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024 is a phenomenal feeling.

One of my founding goals for Nutcracker Agencywas to create a culture where people felt a sense of belonging, could flourish and are proud to be part of something special. This makes this recognition all the more important.

Thank you so much team, let’s keep communicating, building, and innovating the incredible organisation and team that is Nutcracker Agency.

Sunday Times Best Place To Work 2024? We did it!

Jenny Knighting | CEO & Founder
Jenny Knighting

CEO & Founder