The Nutcracker guide to closing more deals
Sales & Lead Generation

The Nutcracker guide to closing more deals

When it’s going well, sales feels like the best job in the world.

When it’s going badly, it feels like the world is caving in.

Here are ten tips to help you make more sales (and have the best job in the world).

1. Collaborate with Marketing

You speak to prospects every day. You know the pain they feel and how they express it. Share that with the marketing team, and they’ll be able to make even better campaigns that generate more warm leads.

There are two sides to collaboration. When you close a deal, don’t forget to give credit where it’s due, and acknowledge where your leads came from.

2. Prepare

A warm lead is too valuable to waste.

You know where the lead came from, so you know what message resonated with that prospect. That tells you what their pain might be.

That means you have crucial information before you even contact them, which should make your questions better. Plan your approach before you pick up the phone.

3. Do not rush through your questions

Questions aren’t a checklist to get through before you start your pitch. They’re what make or break your pitch. Good questions will reveal a prospect’s pain, uncover their emotional state, and even make them explain why they should buy from you.

4. Listen

The point of asking great questions is to get great answers.

When you truly listen to your prospect, you get valuable information. Not only does that improve your pitch, but it makes your prospect feel like you care about fixing their problem, not that you’re just trying to get their money.

Bonus tip: Don’t be afraid of silence — when a prospect finishes their answer, don’t always talk straight away. Instinctively, they’ll fill the silence, and possibly tell you even more.

5. Understand Objections

Notice that wasn’t ‘overcome’. Don’t argue with the objection, find out more about it.

An objection is either a legitimate reason not to buy, or a different uncertainty in disguise.

Ask more questions to find out which it is.

6. Disqualify

When you’ve asked great questions, listened to the answers, and understood all of the objections, a ‘no’ is not a failure.

Not every warm lead is a customer in waiting. Knowing when to move on gets you more time with people who will buy.

7. Sales is a profession. Treat it that way

Professionals stay focused and disciplined, without relying on short-term success to motivate them.

Professionals have processes. They don’t just pick up the phone and wing it. Processes are standardised, repeatable actions towards a result. If you can’t explain why someone bought from you, or why they didn’t, then you need to improve your process.

8. Stay humble

Don’t turn professional pride into ego.

You have something to learn, whether you’re new, a few years in, or a veteran. That’s true for doctors, teachers, lawyers, and architects. Why wouldn’t it be true for salespeople?

You can learn something from anyone, even someone newer than you. Be open to it and embrace it.

9. Don’t be defensive

When things aren’t going well, admit you’re struggling. A good manager will help you find what isn’t working, then give you the support you need.

10. Manage your profile

Your LinkedIn profile can help you build trust. People only buy from people they trust.

If you share interesting articles, write thoughtful posts, and add value to discussions, you show that you’re an expert in your area, and you care about what you do. That’s the kind of person that people want to buy from.

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Jenny Knighting | CEO & Founder
Jenny Knighting

CEO & Founder