Lead generation

B2B lead generation campaigns and strategy

Lead generation is the life-blood of every business. But to succeed in a competitive market, your strategy needs to unite deep sector knowledge, an effective combination of channels and targeted messaging that prompts a response. That’s where Nutcracker comes in.

We know that the key to any successful lead generation campaign or strategy is a thorough understanding of your customer’s journey. Before embarking on any campaign, we explore where your audience are most likely to engage, how far they are along the buying process and what content they are most likely to engage with. This helps us to curate engagement-worthy content that speaks in their language.

Lead generation strategies

Nutcracker’s lead generation services cover tried-and-tested campaign strategies for each major channel, including events and webinars, email marketing, direct mail, landing pages, social media, PPC, content marketing, SEO and age-old phone calls.

By aligning sales and marketing, our lead generation strategies help you to pin down your ideal audience, create your lead magnet and fill your sales funnel with prospective buyers.

Lead generation and B2B sales insight

We share a proven B2B sales strategy that we've used to start the conversation with prospective customers, explaining how selling to the modern-day B2B buyer has changed and the process we use to overcome challenges within the B2B marketplace.
Sales & Lead Generation

How to Sell in Today’s B2B Marketplace

5 min read

Charlotte Delaney | Head of Content
Charlotte Delaney

Head of Content

20 slip-ups that B2B salespeople often make along with the ways to rectify them in order to boost your sales in the months ahead.
Sales & Lead Generation

20 Slip-ups Most B2B Salespeople Make and How to Fix Them

4 min read

Jenny Knighting | CEO & Founder
Jenny Knighting

CEO & Founder

Ever wondered how successful entrepreneurs manage to grow their small businesses into wildly profitable empires? We spoke to five inspiring entrepreneurs and asked, “How did you grow your business?”
Sales & Lead Generation

How Five Entrepreneurs Grew Their Business

3 min read

Charlotte Delaney | Head of Content
Charlotte Delaney

Head of Content

The buying journey is continuously changing. By combining traditional sales pitches with a strong digital presence we can help you understand and qualify prospective leads, tailor information to them and propel leads down the path to becoming customers.

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BEW Testimonial
"Nutcracker integrated themselves into our business seamlessly. They know how we think but continually push the boundaries with creative ideas to keep us fresh and relevant to our target audience. We don’t know where they get their endless energy from, but we want some!"
David Shirt
Director at BEW Electrical Distributors