PR getting stale?
Shake it up with Nutcracker

Film quotes get stuck in your head because they’re impactful. Exciting. And memorable. Nutcracker PR is the same and that’s why it works.

We’re throwing out formulaic and routine, and replacing it with a new kind of PR – one that’ll boost revenue by more than the general estimate of 23%.

When it comes to PR, Nutcracker understands that number-driven results won’t tell you how your brand makes your audience feel. Instead, we measure the emotional response from your audience, the virality of your content and your share of voice in trade media.

Our team of former journalists and editors create insightful and stimulating content. They then connect with relevant people. And finally, they evaluate results, push for better and strive for success. Your success.

With a huge 68% of consumers more likely to spend time reading content from a brand they relate to, and at a time when a brand’s reputation has never been more important, start your Nutcracker PR journey today. We promise to:

  • Inspire and influence your audience
  • Elevate brand reputations in-line with business objectives through; compelling content creation, trade media relations, press office management, event management, social media, influencer collaborations, thought leadership and crisis management
  • Tell the stories that need to be told with our results-driven strategic approach – from corporate to B2B and B2C
  • Utilise our excellent relationships with the press – local, trade and national – to boost the reputation of your brand
  • Grab the attention of your potential customers and give your business a strong position in the market

For example:


PR that needed to be inspiring, active and improve awareness of a growing brand


Interesting and engaging content supported by eye-catching designs, plus strong connections with the relevant publications, journalists and websites


Reputation built for the business, exposure gained in market-leading publications with a combined circulation of 494k+

‘With the team’s can-do attitude and must-do approach we have found a marketing agency that can deliver to our high expectations.’

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