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We tell the stories that need to be told with a results-driven strategic approach to PR.

Your reputation and visibility within your chosen sectors and beyond is of utmost importance in a world where brands are continually competing for attention. Effective PR needs to get you on the radar of your target audience, achieve coverage in the right places, and drive brand awareness in the long term.


Our team of former journalists and editors have strong editorial, copywriting and media skills that produce great content, stories and ideas, and we stay on top of news and trends so we know when and what to pitch. And our network of journalists, industry professionals and bloggers is wide reaching.

We always make sure to keep our nose to the ground, ready to respond with comments to requests from journalists and expand our network with the key influencers in your industry to get you connected with the right people. We don’t over promise, but we do make our mark. We do what’s right for you, making sure you gain exposure across the right audiences and media, whether that be consumer, local, trade or national.

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Digital PR

As with all content, we make sure that your PR stories are optimised for digital channels and secure high-quality backlinks from websites and online publications. We strive to get your brand featured on the websites your potential customers read, the podcasts they listen to and the social media accounts they engage with.

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Our PR advice

Trade publications can be a fantastic portal for projecting awareness of your brand via compelling stories – but only if you write press releases that resonate with editors and their audiences. Here’s how manufacturers should be writing press releases.

5 things manufacturers need to know about writing press releases

5 min read

Daniella Hitchin | General Manager
Daniella Hitchin

General Manager

Including enough compelling details to get the story across while using an engaging tone to capture the attention of media outlets and journalists is a delicate balancing act. Here Nutcracker Agency ask some of the UK’s leading business journalists what their biggest bugbears are with PR pitches.

19 of the Biggest Mistakes Brands Make With Press Releases by the Journalists You Want to Read It

5 min read

Charlotte Delaney | Head of Content
Charlotte Delaney

Head of Content

PR strategy image

Is your PR having an impact? The missing ingredient to your PR strategy

4 min read

Charles Scherer | Copywriter
Charles Scherer

Senior Copywriter

Whether your PR objectives are to build brand awareness, increase your visibility in a crowded market or generate sales, exposure, leads or website traffic, Nutcracker builds the strategy that’s right for you and gets you coverage where you want and need it.

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"The team genuinely feels like an extension of our own and demonstrate a commitment to the success and goals that we are trying to achieve together. I cannot recommend their services highly enough. "
Sam Goss
President (Europe) of Comma Group and Amplifi