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Content creation and copywriting for brands with ambition

We create content that cuts through the noise, with compelling copy that converts your customers.

For content to connect with your audience, drive conversions and generate leads, it all comes down to words. The words you choose need to convince, compel and convert, which is why content strategy, ideation and creation all depend on great copy.

Content strategy

At Nutcracker, our team of content writers and award-winning journalists use a unique content marketing strategy to help brands discover their tone of voice, find their personality and communicate their core values, mission and vision in all outbound messaging.

While there’s no bad time to start thinking about your content strategy, if you’re planning a new website, a campaign or launching a new product, you need to start thinking about your content as soon as possible. A content strategy will ensure that you are creating the right content that will resonate, deliver results and be aligned to the buyer journey.

Content creation and copywriting

We help brands to stand out from the crowd through content that sparks valuable conversations between your sales and marketing teams and prospective customers.

We find the right way to tell your brand’s story, and we tell it in the way it needs to be told. Our team of writers and editors are not only pros at copy-editing and proof-reading but they produce great content that's guaranteed to be different and memorable. Using a mix of channels, we turn complex or clichéd jargon into clear copy that conveys your messaging, resonates with your target audience, and attracts buyers to your brand.

Whether we’re creating e-books, whitepapers or case-studies, infographics, videos, animated graphics or social media, Nutcracker content is personal to you and will always be built around a carefully crafted call-to-action that will drive action and get them started on a journey with your brand.

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Our content and copywriting tips

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Charlotte Delaney | Head of Content
Charlotte Delaney

Head of Content

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Charlotte Delaney | Head of Content
Charlotte Delaney

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Charlotte Delaney | Head of Content
Charlotte Delaney

Head of Content

Content is our bread and butter. We love telling stories and we make sure each story told is always on the money.

Ready to discuss your content strategy in more detail, test our knowledge of grammar and punctuation, or see if we’ve got what it takes to transform your company strapline?

Comma Group Testimonial
"Nutcracker always deliver content that is engaging, relevant and consistent with our preferred tone-of-voice."
Mark Thorpe
Sales Director at Comma Group