Next up in our series of interviews with members of the Nutcracker team we sit down with our Head of Design, Jenny Knowles to explore the role she plays in our fast paced B2B marketing agency.
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Interview with Head of Design, Jenny Knowles

Design is more than just logos, images, fonts and a brand’s aesthetic – it’s an essential part of marketing that can establish a brand’s identity, convey a singular message or boost the visibility of your campaign. In fact, exceptional design does more than just help your content stand out and look good – it has the power to influence conversions and attract potential customers, ultimately improving your ROI.

Having worked at Nutcracker since its inception, Head of Design, Jenny Knowles is not only an incredible designer but positively oozes creative flair. Here, we discuss what she loves the most about working at Nutcracker and the most important part of her role.

So, Jenny, having worked at Nutcracker Agency since day one, we’re keen to hear more on what you like the most about your job?

That’s an easy one – working with a great team, and the sheer variety of work. Branding, digital communications, social media campaigns and packaging can all be in a day’s work.

And what’s your favourite thing about Nutcracker Agency?

The energy – and producing exciting work for our clients that gets results.

What would you say is the most important part of your role?

Bringing brand values, storytelling and campaign concepts to life with compelling and engaging design.

What’s your one piece of advice that you’d give to businesses when it comes to marketing?

Develop a clear personality that aligns with your purpose. Let that personality shine through your content and design. That doesn’t mean everything has to look and feel the same though – your brand should be able to adapt to all sorts of different creative approaches whilst still feeling like ‘you’.

Excellent advice, thanks Jenny. Why do you think some businesses fail to bring in results from their marketing? What can they do differently?

Many fail to have a joined-up strategy and a clear sense of what they want to achieve. That’s where Nutcracker comes it, we’re incredible at that part…

What are your favourite types of clients and which sector?

Definitely B2B – I love getting to understand sectors that I wouldn’t otherwise come across – I can give an electrician a run for their money on LED dimming!

We bet you could! What would be your dream client?

A client that has a really exciting and different proposition/message to get out into the world. And one that trusts us to grow and develop their brand through the work we do.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

It really depends on what you are trying to do – if you’ve got a really visual or fun business then Instagram is the obvious choice, but often LinkedIn can reach the parts that other social media platforms can’t.

If you hadn’t worked for a marketing agency, what other profession might you have taken?

I have always loved graphic design. I started off my career in B2B publishing, and will always be a fan of a bit of gorgeous print. But architecture and interior design could have been a path in a parallel universe.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Apparently, I can do a ‘scarily good’ monkey impression. It’s not something that comes out often.

We’d love to see that! If you could sum up Nutcracker Agency in three words, what would it be?

Brilliant. Busy. Bonkers.

Need a design refresh? Or some new ideas on how to add that certain something to your content? Email Jenny at to find out how she can take your designs from mediocre to amazing.

Maia Cook | Senior Account Executive
Maia Cook

Senior Account Executive