First up in our interview series with members of the Nutcracker team we sit down with our Founder & CEO, Jenny Knighting to explore how she brought our fast paced B2B marketing agency into existence and her entrepreneurial spirit.
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Interview with CEO & Founder, Jenny Knighting

Having worked with a number of ambitious start-ups, leading commercial strategy and making bold business growth plans a reality, Jenny has a wealth of experience in media, manufacturing, services and events. As founder and CEO of Nutcracker Agency, she has led the team to win multiple awards, including finalist in the Best New Business at The National Business Awards and, since launching the company in 2014, Nutcracker has grown year on year.

Helping countless clients in a wide range of industries to fulfil their vision through targeted, exciting and results-driven digital marketing, Jenny brings a unique creativity and perspective to every launch, scale and strategy. In this exclusive interview, we hear more about her incredible role heading up the business and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Jenny, Nutcracker is an amazing place to work, but we’d love to hear more on what you, as CEO & Founder, like best about your job?

The variety and the different types of business and people that we work with.

What’s your favourite thing about Nutcracker Agency?

The Nutcrackers, our clients, and the calibre of work we achieve.

What would you say is the most important part of your role?

My job is extremely varied, working across client delivery, strategy, supporting our team, the business vision and new business – not one thing is more important than the other.

And not one day is the same as the one before, we’re sure. What’s your one piece of advice that you’d give to businesses when it comes to marketing?

Really understand the pain points in your industry, understand why your customers need your product and then don’t be afraid to stand out and bring that to life.

Thank you, that’s great. Why do you think some businesses fail to bring in results from their marketing? What can they do differently?

A lot of businesses just see themselves; they are self-absorbed and don’t really understanding that this approach is boring to their customer base. Businesses also don’t always understand their lead conversion rates and how many lead/customers they need to hit their numbers. Successful marketing always works backwards: What does success look like? What do you need to achieve it? Once you understand that, the rest is relatively straightforward; assuming you have the skills to deliver each aspect.

What are your favourite type of clients and which sector?

My favourite type of client is one that has dreams, vision and wants to achieve them. I find dreams contagious, and I love hearing what people ultimately want to achieve and what the blockers are to stopping that. Nothing is more motivating to me than seeing a barrier, removing it and then accelerating growth.

We love that! What would be your dream client?

A business that had a big vision and the right size budget to help us deliver it.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

LinkedIn. So many people under-use this platform or use it badly. Used properly it should be an effective outsourced relationship builder and lead generator. Used badly, it is completely ineffective.

If you hadn’t worked for a marketing agency, what other profession might you have taken?

I have always loved entrepreneurial vision and entrepreneurial businesses. I love what people are trying to achieve rather than what it is. I could work for several of our clients, I buy into what they do and who they are as people. As long as there is a challenge at the heart of it, I can be inspired.

We bet they’d love to have you on their teams! Do you have any hidden talents?

I would love to say I can sing like an opera singer but outside of work my talents tend to lie in sports or cooking.

If you could sum up Nutcracker Agency in three words, what would it be?

Inspiring, award-winning and results driven.

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