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6 Stats that show why storytelling is crucial for your content marketing strategy

Storytelling is a must-have in your content marketing strategy. Don’t believe us? Here are some key stats that demonstrate why storytelling is necessary and the role it can play in your marketing outreach/brand positioning.

Storytelling helps brands stand out from the crowd

We’re exposed to 5,000+ brand messages every day, but we’re aware of about 86, with only 12 making a lasting impression - The Drum.

It makes your brand more memorable

Facts are approximately 22 times more likely to be remembered if they are part of a story - Actual Minds, Possible Worlds, Bruner.

Storytelling makes consumers trust you more

81% of consumers say they need to be able to trust the brand in order to buy from them - Edelman.

It helps you convert leads

Storytelling can boost conversion rates by 30% - Search Engine Watch.

…And makes it more likely your target audience will buy from you

If people love a brand story, 55% are more likely to buy the product in future, 44% will share the story, and 15% will buy the product immediately - Headstream.

That’s why B2B marketers love storytelling

Even 62% of B2B marketers hold storytelling in high regard as an effective content marketing tactic - Search Engine Watch.

Boost your brand presence with storytelling

Yes, we can see the irony. We’ve used a list of stats to demonstrate why stories are so much more powerful than facts alone. But when the results of brand storytelling are this strong, it’s impossible for businesses not to stand up and take notice.

Brand storytelling will help your business stand head and shoulders above your competitors. But what if you’ve never tried to tell stories as part of your content strategy?

That’s where Nutcracker comes in – we know how to tell a tale, and we’ve used it to help elevate clients with small followings and help them to become outstanding leaders in their field.

Do you want to revamp your marketing approach and tap into the potential of storytelling for your business? Download Nutcracker's Ultimate Guide to B2B Storytelling or get in touch with us today.

Charlotte Delaney | Head of Content
Charlotte Delaney

Head of Content