How to grow your Greentech business

How to grow your Greentech business

The UK is home to 5,200 climate tech startups and scaleups. Globally, there are four times more than there were in 2010.

2022 saw $1 trillion of investment in Greentech worldwide. The global market is worth $60.06bn in 2023 — in just seven years it will be worth $417.35bn.

All that demand comes from several different pressures.

  • Governments around the world have signed up to Net Zero pledges, which means new infrastructure, initiatives, and regulations
  • Businesses are aware of the commercial benefit of green credentials
  • The public increasingly expects businesses to reduce their environmental impact

You need your audience to know that you have the solution, but how do you do that in a crowded market?

This guide will show you how to market your Greentech brand and stand out from the crowd.

You probably know all of that. But do you know that

  • 83% of a buying journey happens before any interaction with a supplier?
  • only 5% of your targets are actively looking for a solution?
  • 94% of visitors will leave a website immediately if it’s poorly designed?

Not only do you need to stand out from the crowd,you also need to prove that you’re worth people’s valuable time and attention. You know you are — you know you have an incredible idea, a compelling vision, and a cutting-edge solution —but how do you show all of that in a few seconds, then keep your reader hooked?

How to position your Greentech solution

95% of purchase decisions are emotional.

When you’re selling Greentech, complex, technical language isn’t going to grab anyone. Your product features and performance data are valuable in your messaging, but you need to lead with the vision.

You have an incredible solution, so what is it going to fix? How does the world look with your innovation vs without it? Most importantly, how would it make your prospect’s world different?

Product specs won’t get people excited. Your audience probably doesn’t understand Greentech — they just know that they need it. They might not even know that.

  • A CEO is conscious that environmental impacts attract more and more taxes and penalties, and it’s their responsibility to prevent that.
  • An MD has had a deep, personal commitment to the environment since they were a student, and brings that dedication to their working life.
  • A founder has poured their heart and soul into a business, and wants to see it grow. There are certain funds, awards, and tenders that are only available to green businesses.
  • Consumers are increasingly conscious of a business’s environmental impact. The threat of poor PR or even a boycott is also a threat to people’s jobs.

How to write about your Greentech solution

When you’ve tapped in to the emotions that motivate your audience, they’ll be interested to read more, and receptive to what you have to say.

So, what should you say?

  • 61% of decision-makers say thought leadership demonstrates value better than product marketing
  • 81% want an expert to challenge their assumptions

Top tips for Greentech thought leadership

1. Keep the focus on the prospect

Your expertise is only as relevant as the outcomes it delivers. Always clearly relate the topic to the problems a prospect faces.

2. Find out what your targets like to read

(e.g. articles, infographics, reports) Focus on the audience’s preference, but don’t be afraid to vary what you produce.

3. Be clear and reasonable about what you want the reader to do next

Capitalise on the excitement that you’ve created with a strong call-to-action, but bear in mind ‘buy now’ might be a bit premature.

4. Avoid jargon

People use industry-speak when they’re insecure. Be confident in your expertise to express things in terms that everyone understands.


83% of a buying journey happens before any interaction with a supplier. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can make sure buyers find you independently. SEO is a constantly evolving set of best practices, and done well it can make the difference between obscurity and authority.

Are your targets actually searching for solutions?

There’s no point in appearing in searches that your targets aren’t making. However, if they are searching, an SEO strategy is vital.

Don't be boring

A common mistake is to write for search engines, not people. If your content isn’t interesting, there’s no point optimising it.

Pick your battles

You have a brilliant opportunity to claim ‘territory’ on certain key words. Find relevant ones that are less competitive, if possible.

How to design Greentech marketing

When you’ve got a lot to explain, but you need to do so quickly, what can you do?

  • People only tend to read 20-28% of written material
  • We process images 60,000 times faster than text
  • 80% of people remember what they see, and only 20% of people remember what they read
  • 95% of B2B buyers want shorter, visual material

Design to inform

Chances are, a lot of your buyers’ sales journey will be educational — you need to make them understand the problem, the science behind it, and the method to resolve it. That’ll make for a lot of heavy and off-putting text. You can express that far better through images.

Design for memory

If you want your message to stick, visuals are key. When people hear information, they remember about 10% of it after three days. When that information is accompanied by visuals, three days later people remember 65%.

Make greener design choices

It’d be ironic if your Greentech marketing weren’t environmentally friendly. The choices you make affect energy consumption (e.g. web video, energy-hungry programming languages, energy-intense or non-recyclable material for physical collateral). Some of these impacts are better hidden than others, so don’t let your Greentech marketing undermine your green credentials.

Did you know…?

94% of website visitors will leave if a page is poorly designed, and it only takes half a second to form an opinion of the visuals.

Stand out from the Greentech crowd

Do you have the strategy to capture your target market’s attention, keep them interested, and ultimately turn them into paying customers?

Nutcracker put brands in front of their prospects with content that engages, inspires, influences, and converts.

If you to see how we’ve helped Greentechs stand out from the crowd, and how we’d help your business grow, get in touch at

Charles Scherer | Copywriter
Charles Scherer

Senior Copywriter