ten mistakes in marketing

Ten marketing mistakes you don’t know you’re making


By Nutcracker

Ten Mistakes. We all mistakes. It’s human nature. But mistakes made in business can have catastrophic consequences…

1 Blindly targeting

We understand that you want your business to be seen by everyone. Every Tom, Dick and Henrietta. But what if Dick and Henrietta aren’t your target audience? Will you continue to blindly target them for high exposure? For successful marketing and ROI, you need to take off the blindfold and narrow down your target market. What is their demographic? Why do they need or want your product or service? What is the best way to connect with them? Be relevant and significant, then reap the rewards.

2 Ignoring SEO

Your website is the face of your business – design, content and ease of use are essential. Got these nailed? Great. But how does your SEO look? Ninety-three percent of all online experiences begin with a search engine, with 75% of users never scrolling to page two. Bottom line – if Google can’t find you, your customers can’t either. SEO is moving increasingly towards content that is actually useful to the reader, not just ticking off keywords, so even the most thought-led, inspirational blog will get lost if it isn’t what your audience is searching for.


OK, so your content is brilliant and has a strong SEO presence, but what is its goal? Without a clear call to action (CTA), it’s virtually useless. Shockingly, 70% of businesses do not use CTAs in any of their marketing – but if you start using CTA methods, you can actually push readers to take action on your content.

4 Focusing on acquisition

Yes, you need to actively grow your customer base to survive, but what are you doing to retain existing customers? Here’s some food for thought – the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. If you’re spending your entire marketing on acquisition, you’re missing a trick. 

5 Social media faux pas

You’ve taken the step on to social media. Congratulations! You’ve updated your profile, filled in all the information, and you’re ready to share relevant content and images. But within weeks, you’re lost. Your followers are also lost, confused and dwindling. The answer? A strong social media strategy – you need to know why you’re online, who you want to target and what the measurable goals are. Make social media work for you.

6 GDPR compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation has been in place since May last year, but many businesses are still making mistakes. The biggest one? Treating GDPR as a one-off, fixed-term project. Most companies will have spent the first half of last year rewriting polices and changing consent statements, but you should now be proactively building data-protection considerations into your business. GDPR should be viewed as an ongoing project.

7 PR snobbery

Public relations is vital for start-ups and businesses well past the ten-year mark. Not only does it drive traffic to your website but, done well, it will also make the right noise for your company. However, if you’re only focusing on the big players, you could be missing ample opportunities. Bloggers, YouTubers, local press, smaller publications – their audience could be your next customer.

8 Not keeping tabs

If you’re not watching your competitors, you’re making a colossal mistake. Pay special attention to their tactics; their successes and failures; and their marketing techniques – that way, you can keep one step ahead and beat them at their own game.

9 No content game plan

Content marketing is employed by 94% of small businesses; 93% of B2B companies; and 77% of B2C organisations. Sounds impressive, yes? But only 37% of B2B, and 40% of B2C marketers create content-marketing plans to support this activity. Before any pen goes to paper, or fingers go to keyboard, a strategy is vital to make your content creation and distribution easier and more effective.

10 You don’t ‘do’ marketing

We are shocked to hear that 19% of businesses don’t do any marketing at all. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. But without marketing, the engine of your company has no gas. By skipping marketing, you’re also skipping customers, revenue and profit. Because how can you grow when you’re hiding in the soil?

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