Stop! Imposter


By Nutcracker

By Gemma Turner

Coined in 1978, imposter syndrome is nothing new. Especially not to me. It’s that little voice inside my head that makes me question the quality of my work. Worry that I can’t succeed. Think that I’m not as good as my colleagues. Convinced I’ll fail if I take on a big challenge.

But the truth is that these feelings don’t reflect the cold hard fact that I am good at my job. There, I said it. I am good at my job. Really good. It’s what I’m paid to do, and it’s also what I love to do. Each one of us at Nutcracker has a unique skill that creates one incredible team, and it’s up to me to believe that I am an integral part of that.

After achieving various amounts of press coverage in a variety of publications, including YOU magazine, Electrical Times and Electrical Wholesaler, plus generating over 50% opens on my email campaigns and almost doubling a client’s Twitter impressions in one month, I should believe it. 

It’s up to me to ignore the self-doubt.

Creeping in

At some point in our careers, most of us have felt outmatched. In fact, when I’ve feared being outed as a fraud, or it’s discovered that I’m ‘winging it’, I know that I’m not alone. Imposter syndrome affects over 6 in 10 women in the UK, with many feeling that we don’t belong. But with 62% of us fighting that devil on our shoulders every day, we are in danger of killing our careers. And I, for one, will not allow that to happen.

OK, I don’t question everything I do – if I did, I’d never achieve anything! But as soon as I allow the self-doubt to creep in like The Babadook, I start to feel inadequate, which then impacts my creativity and my motivation.

But the question is how to fix it? How can I see the Gemma Turner that everyone else sees at Nutcracker? The Gemma Turner that Jenny Knighting sees? It’s simple…

Repeat after me

At the risk of sounding airy fairy, I know that the answers are all in my head. Going forwards in to 2020, I will concentrate on building confidence in what I have achieved in my career and remember those successes. And how they made me feel.

Changing my mindset is absolutely vital. And the stepping stone on to this path can start with these five mantras:

I must stop discouraging thoughts in their tracks and develop actionable goals that lead on to more accomplishments

I will stop missing out on opportunities because I’m scared of failure

I won’t compare myself to other people and realise that I am excellent at my job

I’ll stop feeding the imposter with my self-doubt

I will turn festering thoughts in productive work

Deep down, I know I am a valued and important part of the Nutcracker team and only I can change the way I respond to the negative thoughts and see myself as Gemma Turner, the brilliant Senior Content & Social Media Manager.  

Imposter syndrome impacting your career? I know how you feel. Email me on or call 020 3941 0305 – let’s find out how Nutcracker can help.