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Nutcracker voted top Tech & Startup PR company


By Nutcracker

There’s nothing better than a bit of industry recognition to kickstart the week – which is why we’re super excited to have been named one of Techround’s top Tech & Startup PR companies.  

Thanks, Techround. We’re chuffed to be near the top of your list, and you know why? Not to be too big-headed about it, but because we think we deserve to be.

Since 2014, we’ve been working on a new kind of PR; the kind that doesn’t just stick to the same old formula, but actually changes with the times; the kind of PR that really gets under the skin of our client’s brand, finds engaging stories and gets them in front of the readers who matter.  

We recognise that marketing isn’t just about what a brand thinks is interesting, but the things that actually engage their target audience. That’s why we’ve been so successful at bringing tech clients of all shapes and sizes the coverage they deserve.

So if you’re a tech company or startup wanting to get your voice heard – or come up with a new voice entirely – you know who to call.

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