You wouldn’t paint the whole interior of your house magnolia, then invite potential business connections, colleagues and acquaintances along to look at it and feel inspired. So why would you plaster your social media platforms with the same, dull feel as everyone else and expect people to engage?

Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. LinkedIn. Pinterest.

If your business is already utilising them but needs to step up a gear you’ll be missing out on opportunities, vital conversations and ROI. This is where Nutcracker’s social media team step in – we are ready to engage with your target audience and build your brand awareness.

From consumer to B2B, 44% of businesses depend on social media to generate brand awareness, with 41% utilising it to drive revenue. But without the right content, relevant hashtags, great designs and the ability to learn from your analytics, social media becomes a vanity project. Done right, it’s a route to increase your business’ exposure and improve sales. We promise to:

  • Connect and engage with your audience
  • Create a social brand loyalty by nurturing relationships, supporting your customers, creating communities and being present
  • Link your online presence to your physical footprint and strategy
  • Develop social media strategies and campaigns for each platform via solid goals and objectives
  • Publish content consistently
  • Track your social media ROI on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis and increase website traffic

For example:


An overcrowded market with a time-poor audience


Find the correct avenues to reach that audience, utilise social media to share their message via strong campaigns, a brand identity and clear strategy


A 1475% increase in customers viewing social media posts

“The team genuinely feels like an extension of our own and demonstrate a commitment to the success and goals that we are trying to achieve together. I cannot recommend their services highly enough.”


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