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Social media: your next lead


By Nutcracker

Social media lead generation should be part of every business’s marketing strategy – it’s more than just about brand awareness…

While social media can have multiple purposes – it can be a brand builder; it can improve customer communication; it can spread awareness of your business; and it can be a new shop front – it’s also an excellent channel for unearthing leads and closing sales. In fact, when it comes to improving lead quality, most marketers agree that social media marketing is the way to go, with 59% claiming it to be more effective than SEO/paid search. However, not every platform will be suitable for your business, which is why it’s important to invest the right time in to the right one. The key is understanding your objective.

Make it work for you

When it comes to generating social media leads, quality often matters more than quantity. But before you can implement a lead generation strategy on social media, you need a plan. Who are your customers? What platforms do they use? How do they use them? Are those platforms fit for your product or service? It’s worth noting that the best platform for generating leads is the one that is most popular with your customers. For example, 89% of B2B marketers rely on LinkedIn to reach more customers, whereas only 43% use Instagram. But which one will work for you?

Think about your objectives – are you looking for long-term brand awareness? Lead generation? Or to build a new space for customer services? Your goals will determine your most relevant platform.


With over 330m users on the platform, there’s an audience for everyone. But the key to unearthing leads on this platform is boosting your following, and then engaging with other people in your industry to reach their networks. Enter the Twitter black hole and keep going – who can you connect with? Who knows who? Build your audience. Talk to them. Tag relevant users in your posts. Plus, don’t forget to build relevant lists of businesses who might be of interest – nurture those relationships and you’ll soon start picking up leads.


Oh, the goldmine of B2B leads. And one of the best aspects is that you can customise your posts to target specific locations, job titles, industries and business size, to name but a few. Not only that, but it’s also an excellent place for maximising your email marketing activity. All those opens and clicks from your recent send? Make that second connection on LinkedIn, warm up the lead and close the deal. At Nutcracker, our LinkedIn lead generation is exemplary and in just one week, we outreached to and sourced 300+ connections in a new client’s core target market, resulting in doors unlocked to a number of potential new customers.


Organic reach for businesses can be tricky on Facebook, as their most recent algorithm update focuses on conversations and interactions. But a Facebook business page isn’t always the best solution for your brand – building communities via a group is often the best way to utilise this platform. And think about your Facebook page as an extension to your website – it needs a CTA, good visuals and a product shop (if applicable).


For some brands, selling products on Instagram is very straightforward, particularly for B2C. But if you’re selling a business service, lead generation on this platform can feel difficult. If this is the case, Instagram should be viewed as an excellent tool for sharing your business ethos, your team and your brand identity. It’s about making connections, increasing your reach with relevant hashtags and building a community. And always ensure your website or contact details are set up on your profile page, allowing users to access your business in one simple click.

Social media is the key to unearthing new leads and closing sales, but without the right strategy, you won’t achieve the right results. Email to find out more.