Six years Six lessons. Nutcracker Marketing

Six years, six lessons


By Nutcracker

Six Years. Nutcracker Agency is turning six this year. Yes, SIX. But to say it’s been an easy ride would be a big fat lie. On the whole, it’s been incredibly fulfilling, brilliantly dynamic and award-winning, but it’s also been challenging, eventful and sometimes difficult. For any business to scale, you have to reflect and be willing to learn. Here are some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned as a team for you to take with you in 2020… 

Lesson one: Teamwork makes the dream work

Without the right team, the dream can swiftly become a nightmare. Toxic members of staff are one of the most common corporate culture downfalls, and if bad behaviour then poisons the rest of the team, you’ll only end up with a harmful work environment. And nobody wants that. After all, if your teams’ vision isn’t aligned, the building blocks will fall, and the business will fail.

Lesson two: Value your time

Be honest, how much is your time worth, and how much is wasted on menial tasks that could be delegated elsewhere? In a growing business, it’s easy for everyone to take on roles that aren’t a core part of their job description to fill a gap. But in order to grow, businesses need to see how much of an impact those ‘other’ jobs are having on the bigger picture. Skill sets are there for a reason.

Lesson three: Social media changes

It’s all too easy to get comfortable with your social media format – three posts a day, at the same time and with the same hashtags. But things change. User experiences change. Consumer needs change. And you need to change with them. Whether that means spending more time on engagement than post writing, or less time on Twitter and more on LinkedIn, it’s vital to keep up with current trends. Ignore them, and you’ll just get lost in the social media jungle.

Lesson four: Listen to the experts

Even the most successful entrepreneurs can keep learning, evolving and improving. Remember, no matter how good you are, it’s important to spot people who know more than you. And then listen to them. Whether you choose to be one of the 80% of CEOs who receive some form of mentorship, enlist on a training course or work more closely with your peers, it’s always a good idea to find the skills you don’t have.

Lesson five: Learn from your mistakes

We all make mistakes – we are only human. But the key is not to dwell on them, no matter how big they are. Yes, some mistakes are costly, which can impact your entire business, but most mistakes can be rectified. Embracing failure and taking risks is good for business, because if you’re never failing, you’re probably never really winning either. You’re also never learning or making better decisions. You’re plodding, and businesses that plod never succeed.

Lesson six: Be constructive

Criticism hurts – whether it’s from your friends, colleagues or mentor, nobody really likes it. But learning how to accept constructive criticism is vital to improve relationships at work, and sustainably grow a business. We know, it’s all too easy to react with defensiveness and anger, but the cold, hard truth is that you need to get over it. Because identifying weaknesses can only make a business stronger.

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