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Reactive marketing: What can we learn from IKEA’s ‘Cristiano’ moment?


By Nutcracker

We’ve been long-time supporters of IKEA’s reactive marketing, and they’ve really hit the back of the net this week, releasing a new water bottle on the back of a spicy incident involving Cristiano Ronaldo and Coca-Cola.

The Portuguese footballer caused a stir recently when he slid two Coca-Cola bottles out of the view of press conference cameras, shouting out ‘agua’ and replacing them with a bottle of water.  

Not great for the leading drinks brand, but IKEA have capitalised on the moment with their new ‘Cristiano’ reusable water bottle. Specifically made ‘for water only’, the bottle has been trending all week long.

It’s not the first time the Swedish furniture retailer has hit the headlines with its reactive marketing approach. After it emerged that Game of Thrones characters had worn rugs and furs from IKEA in 2017, the company released a series of how-to guides on social media, showing shoppers how they too could dress like Jon Snow.

What can B2B companies learn from IKEA’s reactive marketing?

It can be easy for businesses to get tunnel vision with marketing messaging and rely on methods that have worked in the past, without evaluating if they are still working. Tracking industry trends, topics and changes not only enables your marketing to stay relevant and relatable, but ensures it connects with your audience.

Keep up with the latest industry trends and you could find the inspiration for your next marketing campaign. But beyond that, you might find your next customer, a new demographic to target or a fundamentally new way to promote an existing product or service.

Our key takeaway? Be dynamic, interesting and daring with your content. Done effectively, reactive marketing can not only put your business at the heart of the topic but will also keep your marketing as refreshing as Ronaldo’s agua.

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