Our top three B2B marketing trends for 2021


By Nutcracker

It doesn’t matter how good your product/service is; if you aren’t keeping on top of the latest B2B marketing trends, your company will grow stale, your leads will wane and your conversions will decrease.

At Nutcracker, we know how important it is to stay abreast of marketing trends so we can give our clients the edge, increasing their sales and boosting their brand awareness. Without further ado, here are our top B2B marketing trends for 2021.

Account-based marketing

Overwhelmingly, B2B businesses are looking at account-based marketing (ABM) as a key strategy. Why? Because when you focus on specific target accounts instead of trying to target everyone, you can create personalised marketing campaigns that really matter to customers.  

According to Terminus’s 2020 State of ABM report, 94.2% of respondents had an account-based marketing programme up and running last year. And when 87% of B2B marketers say that account-based marketing initiatives have a better ROI than other marketing initiatives, you know that this approach is no longer an option: it’s a necessity.

Agile marketing

‘Agile’ has been floating around ever since software developers coined the term in 2001 –

but what does it mean in the context of B2B marketing?

Agile marketing gets campaigns in place quickly and adjusts them in quick ‘sprints’, creating a more iterative approach. It also establishes a framework that aligns all aspects of the business – from marketing to sales – in pursuit of a common goal.

The result? You can market your product faster and more effectively, stay competitive and highlight problems much sooner. An incredible 98% of organisations say they’ve experienced success with an agile project, according to VersionOne’s State of Agile report.

Multimedia marketing

Social media and email campaigns are at the heart of B2B marketing, but why stop there? There are so many ways you can create interesting content to engage your users and bring them to your side.

Video marketing allows businesses to summarise their products in an easy-to-consume way. in our Christmas campaigns blog, we highlighted how videos can help foster an emotional connection with clients. More and more B2B businesses are starting podcasts, which are easy to make and help spread brand awareness.

Don’t get the wrong end of the stick: it’s still really important that businesses see the value of the written word. Blog posts, white papers, e-books and thought leadership pieces all foster a sense of trust in your target audience and lead to conversions.

Nutcracker takeaway

In a post-pandemic scenario, B2B businesses have two major challenges: retaining their existing business and increasing their brand awareness. Now is the time for them to re-evaluate how they present themselves. Are they placing their content where prospective customers will see it? Are they investing time into new marketing channels? Are they keeping up with the latest marketing trends?

B2B marketing is evolving, and your company needs to evolve with it.

To find out how Nutcracker can help your business keep up with the times, email jenny.knighting@nutcrackeragency.com – our extensive campaigns and lead generation will give your company the edge.