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Martin Stewart: ‘Social media is our shop window’


By Nutcracker

Since 2011, London Monday has been unearthing leads and closing sales through the power of Twitter – here, Director Martin Stewart talks us through how he has made £100k for his business through the platform

With the right marketing plan, businesses can use Twitter to create successful social media campaigns that increase sales, boost brand recognition and improve customer relationships. And with 93% of people planning to buy from the SMEs they follow on the platform, it’s important to carve your place and be one the 85% of companies that use the network as part of business growth. Much like London Money…

As the founder and driving force behind The Money Group’s first franchise and flagship brand, London Money, Martin Stewart is now on his third decade of working in the financial services. We caught up with him to find out more on how he has utilised social media to build a diversified financial services business that understands the importance of maintaining a local touch.

Martin, what’s been the most effective marketing tool for business growth?

Social media has been fantastic for London Money, allowing us to compete with much bigger companies who have much bigger budgets. You could say it has levelled the playing field for all businesses across all sectors.

I see social media as the best shop window, where you can promote your business and what you do, free of charge. Every day is a new day and we can dress that shop window to see what works and what doesn’t. And aside from time spent on this activity, the cost to us as a business has been zero. 

We know that London Money and the wider Money Group are very vocal on Twitter – how has this platform been chosen as a key vehicle for The Group?

I think Twitter sits neatly between the faux sincerity of LinkedIn and the brash boastfulness of Instagram and Facebook. It allows our brands to promote, pitch and personalise their core beliefs, market their own identities and connect with consumers, peers and third parties who they might not have met otherwise. And who can, as a result, possibly help them build their business further.  

Do you generate much business from Twitter for London Money?

I would conservatively estimate that we have generated over £100k from Twitter over the years. This can sometimes be direct business with an end user, but it is more about making connections with influential people that then can lead to sales.

What’s your one piece of advice for businesses using Twitter for growth?

To engage properly with social media, you shouldn’t go looking for a client directly, but look for the people that can indirectly find clients for you. You also have to stick with it. I often see Twitter littered with accounts that barely Tweet or start well and then just get busy elsewhere. Spending time on the platform is important. In fact, nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a competitor lose the will to live when it comes to Tweeting!

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