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Creating a thriving culture: a webinar

In The Happiness Index‘s new webinar, #HappinessandHumans, Nutcracker Agency‘s CEO and Founder @JennyKnighting discusses her thoughts on how to create… Read more

Melissa Snover

Melissa Snover: ‘You can achieve anything you put your mind to’

By using cutting edge 3D technology and patented vegan encapsulation gel, start-up Nourished creates a unique product for every customer… Read more

Without… it’s just…

Design and content go hand in hand to create innovative and inspiring campaigns. But have you considered what impact one… Read more

Finding the pot of gold in a crisis: a podcast

In David Masover’s new podcast, our CEO and Founder Jenny Knighting takes us through Nutcracker’s journey in the past six… Read more

PR: are you telling your story?

PR is about storytelling. But why should your business invest? Businesses that actively engage in PR are more likely to… Read more

LinkedIn IS lead generation

Social media is a goldmine for lead generation but for B2B businesses, LinkedIn is vital for unlocking sales and driving… Read more


Who’s opening your emails?

Over 76% of UK businesses describe email marketing as very important – but while this method of outbound marketing should… Read more

Electrical press: we’ve got you covered

Do you want PR coverage in Professional Electrician? Or Electrical Times? And Electrical Review? With a strong strategy, stellar content… Read more

Telemarketing: your next call

Over 70% of B2B sales come from human interaction, so if you’re only marketing your business online, it might be… Read more

Sales tips: from our expert

Six in 10 salespeople claim that once they figure out what works for them, they won’t change it. But after… Read more

social media

Social media: your next lead

Social media lead generation should be part of every business’s marketing strategy – it’s more than just about brand awareness…… Read more

Instagram phone

Instagram IS for B2Bs

There are over 25 million businesses on Instagram – is yours one of them? Whether you’re a B2B or B2C… Read more

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