Twitter and email marketing

Email marketing: better than Twitter


By Nutcracker

Email marketing is about targeting the right people with the right content at the right time. Be driven by data and you will see results…

Before dismissing email marketing as archaic or unnecessary under the new social media generation, it’s important to understand why it’s a vital part of your digital marketing. And with six times more chance of generating a click from an email campaign than a Tweet, we hope we’ve got your attention.

In fact, with a targeted email marketing campaign, you can improve your sales and your ROI, while keeping in contact with the 61% of consumers who prefer to be contacted through emails. However, before hitting send, you must devise your strategy, consider your goals, create effective content and consider how you will measure success.

Killer content

A lot of factors can affect someone’s buying decisions but, by understanding your customer – inside out, upside down and back to front – you can build a strong connection and customise your content to suit their needs.

What do you want to say? What is your core message? Without the right content, customers will disengage, and your campaign could be a flop. And even with excellent content, you must always review what works well and, equally, what doesn’t. What subject lines perform best? Which email unearthed the most open rates? And have you nailed your CTA? Choosing the right call to action can make all the difference to your click-through rates.

Once you’ve got content covered, you need to think about your data.

Segment, segment, segment

Over 76% of UK businesses describe email data as ‘very important’, but even if you have great data, if you don’t segment it, you won’t maximise engagement, open rates and click-through rates. Or enjoy a 760% increase in revenue. By splitting your recipients into the most engaged, semi-engaged and least engaged with your emails, you can keep on top of who wants more of your content and who wants less. Then tailor your messaging for each list and where those people are in their buying cycle – for example, for a VIP customer, you could make them feel recognised and part of your community by adding their name to the subject header and encourage 26% higher chance of your email being opened. Who are your customers? They aren’t all the same, so your messaging shouldn’t be either.

Clock watching

When it comes to email marketing, time is of the essence. And by drilling down into the optimal time to send your messaging, you can pinpoint your customers. Most marketing emails – approximately 600,000 an hour – are most successful between 8am and 4pm – but the key is thinking about your customers. When will they most likely be online? Are they looking for a distraction at the end of a working day? Will an email on Saturday grab their attention more than a Thursday morning send?

B2B recipients are largely tied to office hours, so when is their window of opportunity to engage with your content? As a B2C marketer on the other hand, you have greater flexibility. But for both, step back. Look at your own email and internet behaviour and put yourself in their shoes. When would an email annoy you? And what time would you welcome it?

Ultimately, with 267 billion emails sent every day, how can you make sure your one doesn’t end up on a junk box, unopened? No one wants to be spam…

Email marketing offers a great potential to businesses of all sizes, and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg on how to make it work for you. Email and let Nutcracker create a campaign with your commercial objectives at its core.