Nutcracker takes the stage with dramabuds


By Nutcracker

At Nutcracker, we believe confidence is key to success. Whatever you are doing, having self-belief and confidence in what you are doing is often half the battle – this is at the heart of the Nutcracker ethos. 

It is well documented that there is no better way to instil confidence in children than through drama and with young people facing a screen culture that older generations have not had to cope with, it has never been more important to make sure children are not only expressing themselves but are also having fun along the way off their screens. This is why we’re absolutely over the moon about our latest partnership.

Nutcracker is partnering with dramabuds, which runs drama classes and workshops for children aged between 2 and 10, to expand its franchise and give children across the UK the chance to unleash their creative side.

Since 2008, dramabuds has been helping children develop communication skills, confidence and imagination through storytelling, acting challenges and creative scenarios. It’s all about using drama to make a positive difference in people’s lives, as Managing Director and Founder Becca Wall said in a recent press release.

dramabuds drama children
dramabuds Managing Director and Founder Becca Wall.

‘I’ve never been about the West End or jazz hands, or even teaching people how to dance and sing!’ she said. ‘My specialism has always been focused on engaging with people and empowering them through drama and the arts, and I founded dramabuds to harbour children’s imagination and create drama classes out of it.’

With credits as an Education and Special Projects Director at an arts centre and a Programmes Director for a homeless charity, Becca has a pedigree in helping others find their voice and build crucial life skills.

‘I have spent the last 13 years building a programme that is structured around children,’ Becca adds. ‘Using imagination and creativity, dramabuds helps to develop problem solving and literacy skills for example, while igniting children’s passions and interests.’

Helping young people grow and overcome challenges has always been important to Nutcracker. That’s why our CEO Jenny continues to work alongside national education charity The Young Enterprise and also Nutcracker’s chosen fund-raising charity Jigsaw4u, which supports young people dealing with social, emotional and bereavement issues.

We’re excited to be working with dramabuds and now the hunt for franchisee stars – will you be one?

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