Don’t get stuck in a rut

Don’t get stuck in a rut


By Nutcracker

Don’t get stuck in a rut is easier said than done. Everyone appears well versed in waxing lyrical about seizing the day; banishing negative thoughts; and ticking off a bucket list faster than Usain Bolt out of the traps – but how often are businesses or people truly reflective about what they are doing?

It’s all too easy for days, weeks and months to race by, but this only means that new trends and exciting, different ways of working pass you by. For most businesses, looking outwards it is a perpetual race to hit targets, drive forward in difficult times and keep forward facing among the inevitable challenges that life throws up. The problem with this is the ruts slowly creep up on you, stifling growth and attacking the present.

Be honest…
• How often have you looked at the results your marketing team have generated in the last six months?
• How often have you really dug into your new business leads – where exactly did they come from?
• How effective are your sales team at new business prospecting?
• Have you been more focused on the tangible bottom line, new product or service developments and managing HR issues?
• Is your eye firmly off the ball of commercial vision?

Take off your blinkers

We know, being honest about your business can be tough. You know it better than anyone else, so why would you be missing a trick? Truth is, it’s easy to lose opportunities or leads when your blinkers are blocking out the commercial vision.

Just remember, if you’re still ticking off the boxes and regurgitating the same old output, what worked for you yesterday may not be relevant tomorrow. And while you were standing still, your prospective client base may have chosen a different path, leaving you behind. Data, analytics and social media have changed what is possible for budgets of all shapes and sizes, but not all businesses have kept up.

In a world where people want instantaneity, it can be easy to forget that the best results come from a well-thought-out strategy. Also, while a macro, one-size fits all may be good for profile raising, it is rarely effective to deliver tangible new B2B clients.

Be brave. Be bold. Be better

It never ceases to amaze the Nutcracker team how many businesses are solely focused on themselves – it’s all ‘me, me, me’ – which, aside from being a little narcissistic, is also very dull and stagnant. It’s so rare to come across a business that completely understands their customers’ pain points; pre-empts them; and then conveys why and how what they sell will make a difference to their lives.

Why does it come as a surprise to so many businesses that when faced with an oversaturated market, in order to thrive they need to be braver, bolder and better than the competition? With 67% of businesses blaming poor marketing on their stagnant success, can you really afford to roll out the same out ideas month after month?

Good news – there are effective, smart ways to deliver targeted business development marketing that generates exceptional results. All in a straightforward way. If you would like to discuss how Nutcracker can help, we would love to have a coffee. Get in touch email our CEO today.