Designs not getting
noticed? Nutcracker
will make an impact

Good design isn’t just creating something that looks good. It has to fulfil a purpose, communicate a message and have impact. It needs to connect with your buyers, invoke a strong brand loyalty while also aligning with your entire sales and marketing strategy.

Up to 90% of all information that goes into the human brain is visual, so design is one of the most valuable tools your business can use. Whether it’s online, in print, your logos, your packaging or marketing materials, Nutcracker will make you stand out with cohesive designs that reflect a unified, collective vision of your company’s message.

Design is the face your business shows the world, and 82% of companies believe there is a strong connection between creativity and business success, so it should never be mediocre. We promise to:

  • Deliver designs that fit your business’ identity with well-constructed objectives, strategies and ideas
  • Engage with your audience via innovative, unique and timeless designs
  • Focus on generating the results you expect and contribute to clear ROI
  • Produce designs that align with your core messaging and rise above the noise of all your competitors
  • Tell a story with well-crafted design concepts that flow seamlessly across all your business’ marketing materials
  • Create strong impressions, build a brand identity, convey key information, narrate your story and build consumer trust with good creative design

For example:


Poor website design, uninspiring packaging and unaligned promotional material


Complete website redesign fully aligned with new packaging, catalogues, advertisements, social media platforms and campaigns


40% growth in the first year, increased website visitors and increased brand awareness

‘Nutcracker integrated themselves into our business seamlessly. They know how we think but continually push the boundaries with creative ideas to keep us fresh and relevant to our target audience. We don’t know where they get their endless energy from, but we want some!’


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