Lost your voice?
Don’t worry,
Nutcracker will find it

Communication and content are at the core of any successful business – but before it speaks, your business must have its own unique voice. Nutcracker’s content team are forever striving to engage, inform and innovate. From product straplines and slogans to in-depth thought leadership, e-guides and compelling website copy, our team of writers and journalists have been producing award-winning copy since 2014.

Every business has the same goal – to generate unique content that customers can relate to, earning better business outcomes and ROI. But with two million blog posts written every day, and 156 million emails sent per minute, you can’t afford to blend in to the background.

Thinking more strategically about the content you produce and its value to your audience, we always ensure that it stands out from the crowd in every way. We promise to:

  • Be unique – this is fundamental to your content marketing success
  • Take creative risks to set your brand apart as one that innovates instead of remaining dependent on traditional methods
  • Stay true to your brand identity
  • Listen to your audience to find out what they are interested in outside of your business
  • Create content that has meaning and benefit to your target market, influencing your entire business and leading to sustainable, long-term business growth

For example:


Stagnant newsletters with decreasing opens and clicks


Intelligent content, a strong strategy, clear objectives and a relevant database


Open rates boosted to over 50% and click-through rates to over 43% – far above the market average of 17.9% opens, and 2.69% clicks

“I’d use three words to describe Nutcracker… responsive, enthusiastic and brilliant.’

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