Content: the backbone of your commercial strategy

Content: the backbone of your commercial strategy


By Nutcracker

In this age, there must be no doubt that content should act as the backbone of your commercial strategy.

Content. Every business needs it. Every business wants it.

But it’s got to be good content. None of this run of the mill, generic, dull content. No, when it comes to communicating why your product or service is better than anyone else’s, you need creative, inspired and original content. Because how else can you sell your product?

As an agency, we understand that you know your business inside out, back to front and upside down. There isn’t anything you don’t know about why your brand is superb. But conveying that to Joe or Joanna Bloggs can be tricky.

Now, don’t panic, but we’ve decided it’s time to throw out the technical jargon, unnecessary terms and inside jokes – if your product or service is commercially viable, the focus should be on an easily relatable need. Be meaningful and prove to your customers why they should buy in to your business – don’t use fancy language, talk to them. Or even better, let us talk to them – you’ll be amazed how quickly your brand scales.

We’ve heard that 63% of businesses don’t have a content strategy, and 65% find it hard to produce engaging content. Don’t be one of these statistics – instead, enlist Nutcracker’s content team to generate over three times as many leads than paid advertising; be 13x more likely to see positive ROI; and move up the ranking on Google.

With 70% of your customers preferring to learn about your business through an article rather than an ad, our fingers are ready to get typing.

Forever striving to engage, inform and innovate, the Nutcracker content team creates copy that understands what your potential customers need to hear to bring your product to life. Getting comfortable under the skin of your ethos, what your success looks like and your end goals, we generate unique content that your customers will relate to. Content marketing done well can be the backbone of your commercial strategy.

From in-depth thought leadership pieces to e-guides, blogs, website upheavals, social media posts and product straplines, we can create content that has meaning and benefit to your target market, leading to sustainable, long-term business growth. Invest in Nutcracker Agency and the struggles of today will feel more manageable.

Yes, we know the current economy can be a very challenging time for most businesses, and outsourcing can feel like an added stress. But trust us; by simplifying your message and improving your customer communications, you can increase your ROI. Even in this market.

At Nutcracker, we promise to write content that will talk directly to your customers. No jargon, no irrelevant terms. We will SELL your product or service. And we will:
• Unearth leads
• Boost ROI
• Send traffic to your website
• Keep your business current

Content drives traffic and sales. So why not make content the backbone of your commercial strategy. Plain and simple. And if it’s become a pain point in your business, call or email us today on 020 3941 0305 and