Help your business stand out from the crowd: a podcast


By Nutcracker

What’s the one piece of advice businesses should live by when it comes to growing their reach? 

How can businesses approach their branding and marketing to ensure they aren’t taking the same boring, boilerplate approach?

How can you connect with your audience and create an impression that truly resonates with them?  

Earlier in June, our CEO and Jenny Knighting appeared on the It’s Just Business podcast to answer these questions and more. We’ve rounded up five key lessons from the podcast below…

Make sure you have a clear commercial strategy in place

“Businesses that have the most sustained growth consistently, are the ones that have a really clear commercial strategy in terms of how they’re going to maintain their sales, but also how they’re going to grow their brands longer term. I think if you’ve got those strategies in place, you’ve then got time to review if there are problems with the business because you’re not sitting there panicking about paying the bills.”

Understand what you want your business to look like

“Some people may want to be one person and that works for them. Other people may want to have a team of 50 and start to go global, and that’s great. But you need different strategies for both.”

Make time to assess whether you are really using your time effectively  

“Often people get too engrossed in stuff that can be outsourced to an admin assistant. They could then have that sales meeting, they could then do that outreach, because someone else is doing the stuff that any admin person could do. It’s about recognising that skillset you have that makes you makes you invaluable to your business and trying to free your time up to make sure you do it.”

Be passionate about your business, and people will buy into that passion

“I’d get excited about plaster drawn on the wall if someone was excited about it. Because it’s people having that belief that they want to achieve. If someone’s that passionate about what they’re doing, you can’t help but go ‘Yeah, I want to cheer you on. I want you to get there’.”

Know your target audience and how your product or service can solve their problem

“Businesses often are very introspective and just talking about themselves. They’re not thinking why does it matter? Why is it relevant? Why should someone care what they do? People forget the good old-fashioned thing of knowing your target audience, asking the right questions and providing a solution that solves a pain point.”

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