Blogging: what’s in it for you


By Nutcracker

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness is through consistent blogging. But if your blog content isn’t on point, it just won’t have the desired effect…

In short, blogging just works. And without fail, it continues to drive readers to business websites, potentially converting them into paying customers. But it’s more than just about sharing your team’s latest virtual coffee morning or thoughts on the new KFC advert. It’s about creating authentic, organic writing that tells your brand’s story and aligns with your social media marketing.

And with 80% of companies already acquiring new customers through their blogs, it’s important that your business isn’t left behind.

Take the driving seat

Customer engagement is what every business wants, and it is an immensely important part of generating leads. Which is where blogging can take centre stage. By creating content that resonates with your customers, you can connect with them, build trust and drive traffic to your website. You can also use blogs to give your business some extra clout and establish your brand as an industry leader – with regular, invaluable content, you can share the knowledge and experience that your customers won’t find anywhere else.

Plus, blogs will connect people to your brand by giving readers a distinct sense of your business character, voice and vision – adding the ‘human’ behind the brand. And while, yes, this is also something you can create on social media, blogging will give your business that added oomph. That extra je ne sais quoi that can also keep your social media presence going with regular links back to your blogs. In other words, blogs will serve as your repository of content – strengthening your social reach and driving new website visitors. Quite the perfect relationship, wouldn’t you say?

Strategy matters

Now, while we know that all of this sounds incredible, blogging, like every business activity, still needs a purpose and a plan. That way, you can ensure you get the right results from the time and resources you invest. Have you defined your goals? Do you know what your competitors are doing? Can you do it better? What does your content calendar look like? Where are you going to promote your blog? Have you developed a keyword strategy and considered your SEO?

It may feel like there is a lot to think about for pieces of content that will sit on your website, but without a strategy, your blogs won’t be seen by the ideal customers. And if no one can find them, read them, share them or even comment on them, you might as well not bother writing them. Harsh, but true. And without a content calendar, your blogs will feel sporadic and unreliable, forcing your audience to disengage and look somewhere else.

Build a strategy. Create a plan. Write engaging content. And become one of the 82% of businesses who admit that blogging is critical for business growth.

With hundreds of creative ideas every day and a wealth of experience, the Nutcracker team can take your blogs to the next level – developing content and a strategy with your commercial goals at the centre of it all. Email to start your plan today day.