Marketing is schpeel is full of buzzwords – some are great, others not so much. We list our favourite marketing buzzwords of 2021.
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Top 5 marketing buzzwords

Marketing changes all the time, one minute you might think you’ve cracked it, and the next, some new-fangled technology or platform makes you feel like yesterday’s news. Be in with the ‘in’ with our top five marketing buzzwords of the moment…

There are many contenders for 2021’s marketing buzzword list, such as AI-powered, keywords, pipeline and funnel, with ‘unprecedented’ winning the title of most over-used word of 2020. Yet, these five seem to be the most fashionable buzzwords right now.


While it might sound like something you’d hear in a zombie apocalypse film, humaning is actually one of the hottest words in marketing. Coined by the snack company Mondelez International, it describes an approach to marketing that doesn’t target the customer as a consumer, but as a person. In other words, serving the consumer’s needs rather than telling them what they want (something Nutcracker has been doing since its inception…).


No, not a new type of exercise, but the practice of using technology to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds. While our abilities to connect with consumers on a digital landscape has grown in the past several years, the next step is providing an interactive unique experience for consumers – a trend that is expected to see a lot of growth in 2021.

Snackable content

Sounds appetising, doesn’t it? Well, that’s its premise. Referring to content of any sort, be it video, copy or images, snackable content is just that – short, small, easy to consume and digest, and designed to spread your message quickly and efficiently.


While the term has been around for several years, thumb-stopping’s made a comeback. The background to this buzzword? We all know how easy it is to scroll idly through content on your phone without paying too much attention to what you’re seeing – thumb-stopping content that gets your customers to stop scrolling is the ultimate goal.


First, we had influencers, and then came along micro-influencers. Again, while not new, micro-influencers are set to explode in 2021. More effective in reaching higher-quality leads, these influencers typically have between 10,000-500,000 followers, allowing more scope for engagement than those with 1m+ followers.

At Nutcracker, we do things differently. We’re not your typical marketing agency because we don’t sit still. We adapt, change and improve every aspect of the marketing we do for our clients until we unearth the results we want, and then we adapt again. To find out more, email

Rebecca East | Head of Client Services
Rebecca East

Head of Client Services