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Every business wants an excellent reputation, but if your brand identity isn’t on point, your online presence will be difficult to perfect…

Online reputation management is essential for every business. Because what people say about you online is perhaps the single, biggest influence on your success and that of your business and brand. Think about it, when customers search for your business on Google, everything they see online influences their perception of you. So, you need to build a positive online reputation. And that starts with your brand…

Who are you?

When a business takes on an identity of its own, it needs to be different and stand out from the competition. With a unique tone of voice, brand image, defined values and commercial objectives solidly in place, you can make the most of all forms of communication online – such as websites, blogs, social media and email marketing. ‘Don’t shy away,’ advises Charlie Mullins, CEO of Pimlico Plumbers. ‘My marketing manager once said to me “we could be the best plumbing company in the world, but if nobody knows about us, what’s the point?”’. 

Carve a place for your brand. Be seen online. Have your own image and be recognisable. We’re not suggesting adding personalised number plates a la Pimlico Plumbers, but think about what you can do to make customers recognise you. Is it your logo? Your slogan? Or perhaps a face of the business? ‘The more ideas you have, the better. Don’t be afraid.’ Some wise words from Mr Mullins.

I’m with the brand

Branding is everything. And you have to create your own personal brand. You must live and breathe it, and believe in it completely. ‘When I established Pimlico Plumbers 30 years ago, I wanted to create a brand,’ Charlie told us. ‘I wasn’t afraid to try new things and we quickly became the first company with a brand name in the plumbing industry. And it was totally deliberate.’ Much like Charlie, all businesses must focus on their reputation, how they want to be perceived by customers AND competitors. And envision what their business stands for. Who is your business? What is its identity?

‘Recognition in branding is the most important thing,’ he adds. ‘Have the right presentation and image and make sure your content matches the packaging.’ In other words, it’s no good promising the world if you can’t deliver it. Be authentic, trustworthy and reliable and customers will feel welcome, positive and more inclined to be part of your brand. In fact, 94% of customers are more likely to be loyal to you if you’re completely transparent – no airs and graces, just honesty and realness. Just remember, the goal is to present yourself while remaining true to your values.

And be consistent. For example, colour improves brand recognition by up to 80%, meaning that customers are more likely to identify you if you use the same colours in your branding material. Consistently present your brand regardless of the platform and you can increase revenue by 23% – by this, we mean that all brand colours, fonts must look the same, both on and offline.

Market, market, market

Charlie Mullins once said that his biggest branding mistake was not working with a marketing company from the word go – ‘People always tell me they can’t afford one, but I always reply “can you afford not to use one?”’ And while some businesses have the facilities in house to market online and create a solid, strong reputation, many either don’t have the capacity or the skills. This is where a marketing agency becomes gold dust – don’t get lost online. And take advice from the 89% of B2B marketers who claim that brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation.

As experts in building a brand identity for businesses, and creating positive online reputations, we want to help you. Whether you need help with social media management, logo designs or even website content, email today.

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