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Be in the link with LinkedIn


By Nutcracker

Linkedin. As the world’s largest professional network, boasting over 660 million users in more than 200 countries, if you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re missing a business trick

LinkedIn is one of the most effective tools for generating B2B leads. And with 40 million decision makers logging on every day, it’s become a vital tool for lead generation. Not only that, but the big blue L is the number one channel that B2B marketers use to distribute content, with an impressive 94% using the platform to target key connections. But how can you use it to scale your business, find your next big client or expand your brand?

Leading the way

Two professionals join LinkedIn every second. That’s 3,600 every hour. And any one of those could be the key to taking your business to the next level – but only via effective lead generation. With LinkedIn generating more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter or blogging, it’s a lead generation magnet. But it all comes down to strategy – by conducting research and actively participating on this platform, you’re at the starting block of making it work for you.

Content ready

Every company needs its own page that’s filled with content. Your content. Your thoughts. Your ideas. Your insight. But remember, there are over three million long-form articles on LinkedIn already, and your content will be up against 100,000 new articles published every week. It must stand out. The good news? Every 10 pieces of content convert to a lead. We want to hear fingers on keyboards now!

Get connected

Sometimes all you need is one new connection with a company or an individual to make inroads that lead to your next big sale or client. So, the key is to go all out in trying to find that one person who has the insight or connections you need or finding folk in an organisation that you can build relationships with. With an up to date and detailed personal profile, you can surf the LinkedIn wave and network with more professionals than any other social media platform. And with a good game plan via yours truly, you might even meet that next golden connection.

Live in livestream

Just this week, LinkedIn has rolled out it’s new LinkedIn Live, enabling businesses to engage in two-way conversations on-screen and through comments with real-time participation. This has been available on Instagram for a while now, but on LinkedIn, not only does this enable you to showcase your business, but it means you can reach and talk to audiences in different languages and locations around the world. Only time will tell how this will have an impact on your business…

Group hug

If your LinkedIn presence feels a little small, join a LinkedIn Group and immediately enlarge your circle of present colleagues, classmates and employers. Then join in the Group’s discussion to attract more views to your company page. Just make sure the group aligns with your business goals. For example, you won’t want to join a group focused on electrician gripes when you’re trying to sell a data-management system…

LinkedIn is a bottomless pit of opportunities, and we’ve not even scratched the surface with this blog. If you want to find out more how Nutcracker can help, call us on 020 3941 0305 or email