B2B marketing: it’s fluid


By Nutcracker

Have you ever experienced B2B marketing that made you disengage? Continuing scrolling? Yawn? We’ve all been there. But culture has changed and B2B needs to go with the flow

Many B2B businesses owners may see B2C marketing as easy. Well, it always gets all the glory. It’s often fun, and it’s usually creative. While B2B marketing is often accused of being boring or dull. But the truth is, it’s never been boring and dull – it’s just been perceived that way. Now more than ever, people’s behaviour has changed and in such an oversaturated market, you can no longer have the yawn-factor – you need to connect and understand this change.

Out of touch but not time

Every company wants to have a professional image. But that doesn’t mean your messaging needs to be stagnant. Half of all B2B buyers are now millennials – over 46% in fact – and these millennials make the B2B decisions. They have also grown up online with reams and reams of information thrown at them from every angle – up to an eye-watering 10,000 brand messages a day. Which means it’s easy for your business to get lost. The answer? Market correctly to this age group – stand out and prove why your product or service is better than your competitor. 

Multiply, multiply, multiply

Where does you brand need to be? One size fits all marketing doesn’t work. And the same rings true for B2B. Think multichannel. Think about where your consumers are – do they spend hours a week on YouTube? Are they spending time on Twitter looking for the next product that’ll boost their ROI? Do they use apps? Place your brand where your audience can find it – an ad in the local paper might have worked in 2002, but a LinkedIn lead generation strategy might have more impact in the 21st century.

Layer cake

Make time to understand the different layers of your customers’ needs and tastes. Will corporate language still resonate with them, or do you need to take the creative cue of the B2C businesses and use a friendlier tone? This doesn’t mean splashing LOLs and FYIs across a campaign, but simply opening up to the idea that your business can still remain professional and experienced, while also being warm and receptive. Even B2B customers like to see aspects of themselves in your brand – they want to be spoken to, not lectured at. The more appealing but informative your marketing, the easier it will be to engage with them.

Peopling allowed

Remember, you’re selling to human beings. You’re not selling to a building. So make a connection. Make it personal by telling your story and make a lasting impression. Traditionally, B2B marketing relied on facts and information, but you need more than that. You need a voice. As an entrepreneur or business owner, think about what you like to hear and see – then inject that inspiration into your marketing. 

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