Are you valued?


By Nutcracker

Frustrated that your core skills are being devalued? Well, you’re not the only one…

When we came across the below post on LinkedIn this week, it struck a chord with the whole team at Nutcracker. Because, well, it pretty much is the whole team at Nutcracker. And we are worth more than £45k…

Marketing is a necessary part of growth. But even though most business owners recognise the importance of it, they don’t often have the skills or experience in-house to make it effective. And trying to find ONE person to cover all aspects of the list above is virtually impossible. Trust us, sometimes even finding the right individual with the right skills for one role can be tricky.

Undervaluing those skills ☝ is frustrating to say the least. Getting an entire TEAM of people who are experts in all aspects of marketing is worth hundreds of thousands. And it’s often only when business owners try to do it alone that they realise the true value of these skills. Or when they pay a minuscule amount for one person, do they actually realise why a marketing agency is worth its weight in cash. Yes, you may think you have content, design and strategy covered, but are you doing them well? Are your efforts bringing in ROI? Growing your business? Showcasing your brand?

If you still don’t understand the value and return you could generate from marketing (and paying for bloody good marketing), you are missing a trick.

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