Are you missing out on 88% of consumers?


By Nutcracker

It takes 0.05 seconds for potential consumers to form an opinion about your website.

That’s a measly 50 milliseconds that determines whether they like your site or not.

And whether they stay or leave.

Shocked? You might be even more surprised to hear that even if they do pass the 0.05 mark, 38% of them will stop engaging with your website if the content and layout is unattractive or doesn’t offer a user-friendly experience.

The result is a colossal impact on your conversion rates, credibility and client acquisition.

In this fast-paced digital world, websites are under scrutiny and judgement. And these judgements are ruthless.

Not only do customers want a user-friendly and enticing homepage, but 75% of them base the quality of your business by your website alone. 

Let’s be honest. How old is your website? Is it tired? Outdated? Does it convert easily to mobile? What first impression does it make?

While an update might feel like a difficult undertaking, without it, you will lose out on the 88% of consumers who won’t return to a site after a bad experience.

Trust us, we have been where you are today…

When Nutcracker was founded five years ago, our website stood out from the crowd. It was innovative, user-friendly and captivating. It worked.

But fast forward to 2019. With our strong team of creative designers and experience writers, the new Nutcracker website now truly reflects who we are, what we do and how we can scale your business.

If your website is failing to build credibility, acquire leads and attain customers, call or email us on 020 3941 0305 and Whether it’s a rewrite, a new design or a complete makeover, we are the team for you.