Survival of the fittest

2020: Survival of the fittest


By Nutcracker

While some business will be catastrophically affected by this global pandemic no matter what they do, there are many who have more control than they think…

Your business has a decision to make. Does it want to survive, or do you want to shut up shop? Fairly stark. But all businesses are facing that choice.

This global pandemic is unplanned, unexpected and vicious. The impact of the virus has been unprecedented in its devastating attack on business and the security we have built our foundations on. And in all honesty, the hardest part to accept is the lack of clarity on how long it’ll continue.

Every part of this pandemic forces you to relinquish control. How can you plan for something you have no idea about? All we seem to be facing is contingency plan after contingency plan after contingency plan. All bleak. All worst case. All utterly demoralising.

But stop for a second. What if you’re handling the situation in a fundamentally wrong way?

This situation, this restriction, this impact on the stability as we know it may be here to stay for several months. The impact felt for several years. Treading water, hanging your head – you’re wasting valuable time to have control of your path.

You have a choice.

You either adjust your plans, what your core service is or what you sell, with a focus on new commercial revenues, routes and ways to thrive. Or you give up hope.

Your business has a choice

Every business started as a dream. Every business started without clients, customers and income. It’s easy to forget that every business has been at rock bottom to start with. It’s not what you have, it’s what you can build. How you re-build and how you re-ignite your passion.

The starkest analogy and the biggest lesson are the ones outlined. Two pubs. Two choices. Two outcomes. Every business is one of those pubs, every business has that choice.

At Nutcracker, we have put together off-the-shelf packages to help businesses of all shapes and sizes, to harness hope. To target new customers. To bring in new revenue. 

How do you reach most people right now? If the answer is online, how good is your strategy? Do you have plans in place to sell your business, to build your brand and to keep momentum driving forward?

Did you plan your pipeline on the business you would generate from events? Talk to us about how to run that online alongside a highly targeted LinkedIn lead generation campaign.

Does your business need to communicate online A LOT more, with purpose and strategy, but you don’t know where to start? We can do that for you. 

Do you need to story tell your proposition to win customers? We can list numerous scenarios of how we can help your business stabilise, re-build and survive this truly awful period.

But you must ask yourself. Do you want it badly enough?

If you do, let’s talk, let’s brainstorm and let’s work together to get your business in a place you need it, not just to survive but to thrive.